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Artist Statement - By Laura Lopez

The world is color and changes with light and darkness; my work explores this perception of color.

As a glass artist for almost 40 years, I have had the opportunity to venture into virtually every phase of the art glass profession. Over my career, I have been very fortunate to meet and gain knowledge from the leaders in the field. I have worked with blown, fused, beveled, etched and carved glass, but my favorite is stained glass. I am fascinated with the challenge of using flat glass to create three-dimensional works of art and transforming color and light into my vision.

My interest in glass began as a child staring at the beautiful stained glass windows in our church, perhaps paying more attention to them than the sermon. I noticed the change of light throughout the seasons totally made it a new experience. I still love those traditional stained glass windows, however I want to continue to explore as well as develop new concepts within the medium to achieve my goals. The opportunity of being in a location such as Lowe Mill and the chance to collaborate with artists of different interests will allow me to push my techniques to the next level.

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